'A New Kind of Fool' Official Video Now on YouTube

Check out the video I made for my latest single release 'A New Kind of Fool'.

Inspired by the late 70s early 80s songs my Marcos Valle & Leon Ware and my decades long love of what we used to call FM music, these days known as Yacht Rock.

I wrote this song in 2004 but it didn't have lyrics back then and was titled 'We'll Remember You'. I had an idea for a lyric that I never really got around to writing.

When we were preparing songs for this album I decided to dig deeper into my old demos because I felt more confident that some of the songs I'd passed up for Gods in Brasil could work with my incredible band and producer. So I dug out the demo and listened a few times, and the hook was really catchy.

I promised Kassin I would write lyrics for the remaining songs in time for the recording session and was up against the clock. The lyrics came to me in one go but the first version was veery different, much more dark and fit the hook differently. Although I recorded those vocals Kassin called me and said 'this song is so damn catchy that you really need to make sure the lyrics are right - you can't waste this melody'.

I knew he was right and so went back to the writing and decided to take inspiration from songs of the era, Toto's Georgy Porgy, as well as the Valle songs that had simple but hooky lyrics. To get the sound from an LA studio we even moved all the mics to remove the space of the room (that features heavily on the other tracks) and get that close miked sound, especially for Macio Moretti's snare drum.

We knew we wanted a really awesome period sound for the arrangement and Alberto Continentino came up trumps as always. An Earth Wind & Fire inspired horn section, Marlon Sette on trombone, Diogo Gomes on flugelhorn and Jorge Continentino on sax. Jorge then asked if he could play a 'brega' solo in the style of his uncle Leo Gandelman. 'Absolutely!' I said.

The result is awesome cheesiness with just the right amount of soul. Incredible gospel and R&B singer Leticia Pedroza added her magic to the backing vocals.

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